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Wood Cutting Party!

Wood cutting party this Friday and Saturday! Meet Friday at the west shelter at 9 a.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m. Lunch will be provided. We have 12 cords to process for the west shelter !

Driftskippers Club Ride

John Heikkila is hosting a club ride on Wednesday, March 1.  The plan is to ride to Mc Gregpr MN for lunch.  The group will meet at the clubhouse and leave at 9am.  We will travel south on the Driftskipper trail to the Rabey Line.  We will go east on the Rabey Line to the shelter east of Jacobson.  From the shelter we will turn south and go through the Savanna State forest and have lunch at Marks Bar in Mc Gregor.  After lunch we will take the Soo Line to Palisade.  At Palisade we turn north and go through the swamps and stop at the Corner Club for a bump.  Then return north to the clubhouse on the Driftskipper trail.  The ride is open to everyone so if you like to ride, come on out and enjoy the day.

Driftskippers Club Picnic

The 2023 Club Picnic will be Sunday Feb 19th. 12 to 3pm at the west shelter.