Volunteers Needed - Lend a Hand?

Every snowmobiler who loves trail riding has a stake in the sport's future. If we want to keep on trail riding, we snowmobilers need to donate some volunteer time. Snowmobilers helping snowmobilers results in the best trail systems with unmatched recreational, tourism and business opportunities for the area.

Getting involved doesn’t have to be a life sentence or an act of drudgery. It can easily be just a day or two a year to help with trail preparations. What’s more it can actually be fun and sociable. Plus, getting involved is a great way to connect with new riding companions or for families to share productive time together.

So here's our ask... fill out the form below and we promise to welcome you and get you contributing in whatever way, effort and time you are comfortable donating.

Don't like filling out an online form? Just give club president Rusty Eichorn a call at 218-244-1049 and ask him how you can help the club.

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